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  • 1. GENERAL - When should I book my preservation?
    We strongly recommend that you book as soon as you have a service date or up to a 2 days after. Each arrangement takes time to preserve carefully, therefore we can only accept up to 15 per week without overbooking fees. In order to secure your spot, we require a down payment of 25% to be completed to lock in our current pricing. If you still have flowers that are older than 5 days, please reach out as we can preserve air-dried flowers as well, and make beautiful keepsakes. If you have any questions before booking, please call/text us at 833-426-3732.
  • 2. GENERAL - Do you accept flowers that are older than 5 days?
    Yes. We now offer air-dried preservation services for those whose flowers are older than 5 days.
  • 3. GENERAL - What differentiates you from others?
    One of our customers said it best "The quality of their work is truly unmatched by any other in the industry." Our mission at dbandrea ™ is to provide our clients with the best preserved flower art in the world! Our proprietary Flower Restoration ™ processes allow us to create "the most treasured piece of art you'll own". Check out our page, to learn more of why we are the best fit for you!
  • 4. GENERAL - How do I select the best size for my arrangement?
    There are different factors to consider, but it will all come down to your personal preference. The overall look of your arrangement, design choice, and wall space can factor in the size you decide on. For example, if you would like to include a photo in your piece, we recommend an 11x14 piece or larger. If you select a larger size (16x16 and up) we may ask you to send extra flowers from other arrangements to ensure that we have enough flowers to preserve for your piece. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration, Find out what size is best for you,
  • 5. GENERAL - What if I change my mind about the size I ordered?
    You can upgrade the size of your order as long as you do so before we receive your flowers for preservation. This way we can be sure to preserve the amount of flowers we need for your piece. After you initial order, any size changes or add-ons are subject to new pricing. We do not allow downgrading once the downpayment is made.
  • 6. GENERAL - I’m not sure which design to pick. What are my options?
    We have many design options to choose from that are included in your inital rate, which include classic options such as designs with flowers only, flowers with photos, and others. Silhouette and other design options have additional fees starting at $60 for pressed pieces. Please refer to our Price List for more details. There are no limits as far as creativity. We've turned flowers anywhere from the Dallas Skyline to Disney Castle. Let’s work together to create a piece unique to you and your family.
  • 7. GENERAL - When will my piece be ready?
    Up to 6 months. Whichever way we are preserving your arrangement, we take extra care throughout the process and allow additional time to make sure that the flowers are preserved completely and ready for our artists to use and design your piece. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. We can’t wait for you to see your artwork but we also want to present you with the most beautiful piece possible.
  • 8. GENERAL - What if the service is on a Holiday?
    We accept flowers during the weeks of major holidays. There is a $100.00 holiday booking fee for ANY Federal Holidays that would affect shipping. This is to cover the cost of additional staff due to the high demand of a holiday weekend and out weighs the shorter preservation window. We are CLOSED on the following Major Holidays: Memorial Day 4th of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas New Years Day *Please note, arrangements still need to be shipped overnight. If the holiday is on Monday, you will need to ship your flowers overnight on Tuesday so we receive it Wednesday morning. No exceptions. Drop-offs will be scheduled for Tuesday.
  • 9. GENERAL - I’m out of state. Can you still preserve my flowers?
    Yes! Most of our customers come from outside of Texas. We accept flowers from all 50 states in the USA. *Hawaii & Alaska: There may be an excessive shipping cost for out of the country/Hawaii/Alaska orders. Keep this in mind since your flowers will need to be shipped overnight.
  • 10. GENERAL - I'm not located in the USA, can you still preserve my flowers?"
    Please check with your airline and customs in order to verify whether you can bring your flowers back into the country prior to booking with us. For additional inquiries, please reach out to us.
  • 11. GENERAL - When should I ship/bring you my flowers?
    For services on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you will ship us your flowers the following Monday. For services on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you will ship us your flowers the following day. If you are local to the Dallas area, we will schedule your drop-off. Please note, our office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, therefore we are unable to receive shipments/drop-offs. Please keep your flowers in water following the service until you ship/drop-off your flowers to us.
  • 12. GENERAL - How can I calculate my total?
    Pricing depends on the size of your piece. Only a 25% down payment is required to book. Your last payment is not due until 2-3 months after we receive your flowers. Remember that simple design choices do not affect the cost of your piece. You are welcome to add photos or other elements to your piece(s) (must be flat for a pressed piece). For more complex designs such as mixed media and silhouette, an additional fee will be added to your invoice. Other additional costs to consider are shipping, upgrades, and any additional pieces you would like to order. We offer an interest-free installment plan of four payments to all orders. *Pricing may change without notice. Once you secure your spot, your pricing will not be affected. Upgrades or add-ons are subject to new pricing, if applicable. **Because we want to afford the care needed to lovingly preserve and create pieces from your flowers, we only accept a certain number of arrangements per week. For customers needing our services for Memorial arrangements preserved, we do not charge Overbooking or Last-Minute Booking fees. We understand that this may be unexpected or sudden and we want to be accommodating during this chapter in your life.
  • 13. GENERAL - How does payment work?
    Because we need to have a deposit to book you, invoices are due upon receipt. Due to high demand, we will not hold spots for unpaid invoices and we cannot receive flowers until a down payment is made. We are offer an interest-free payment plan of four installments to all orders. You will be billed monthly for the second and third payments. The final payment will be due prior to designing your piece. Upgrades, add-ons and/or shipping, if applicable, will be added on the final invoice.
  • 14. GENERAL - I would love to give this as a gift. How do i do this?
    A preserved floral piece would be such a thoughtful gift, one that your loved one will be sure to cherish for years to come. We can walk you through the process issue a gift certificate. Please call/text us at 833.426.3732 so we can guide you through the process
  • 15. GENERAL - Do you preserve for other events that are not memorial-related?
    Yes. We can preserve your flowers from any event and are happy to serve you in many chapters of your life. Whether it's a wedding baby shower, or a custom piece, we can work with you to preserve your flowers in a unique, special way! Check our main page to see the different ways we can accommodate you. We are super proud to be the #1 in Pressed Bridal Bouquets Worldwide!
  • 16. GENERAL - What if my flowers are all white?
    A big number of memorial flowers are all-white flowers. We love to work with them as long as they have some greenery in them. Because white flowers tend to press ivory, we do not press all-white bouquets that have no greenery in it. If your flowers are 100% white, we can work with you by adding a few leaves in the piece! For pressed pieces, we recommend choosing a darker background to add contrast to your piece.
  • 17. GENERAL - What is the difference between a pressed piece and a floral block, which one will last longer?
    The main difference is the preservation method and the way they are displayed and how the pieces will age. Our pressed flower pieces consist of flat pieces of art that we put into our hand-crafted frames so they can be beautifully displayed on a wall. These pieces are meant to be the center of attention in any room. Our floral blocks consist of flowers that keep their overall shape in resin. These gorgeous blocks are the cutest accent displays for your home and office. Please note that all epoxy will eventually yellow to some degree; however, our casting resins have UV inhibitors in them that will delay the change in color. We recommend not to display them in direct sunlight.
  • 18. GENERAL - What does the Flower Beautification Process consist of?
    Our proprietary Flower Beautification Process combines several techniques that permanently restore flowers to their fresh natural shapes and colors. Over 200 steps and up to 13 hours are put into this process alone, depending on the project! Although we strive to use the latest techniques, state-of-the-art materials and strategies to ensure the color and overall quality of your piece is the best possible, flower aging is natural, colors may fade or change to a degree over time. Preserved flower art should be kept away from direct sunlight, extremely hot/cold or humid areas. Artists will make an effort to recreate your bouquet as close as possible to your uploaded photos, but note that an exact replica is not possible. Some flowers colors' can be restored better than others and a perfect match should not be expected. Our team will base your pressed pieces and floral blocks on photos uploaded by you. We advise to not upload photos that are highly edited as the colors of the flowers in real life will be different than the photos.
  • 19. GENERAL - I love my piece and want to book again for other chapters of my life. Do you have a Loyalty Program?
    We do have a Loyalty program! If you are one of our customers and book with us again, you can choose either $50 OFF your order or a FREE Ring Diamond ® added to your next order. We're so happy you love your flower preservation and want to preserve even more! When filling out the booking form, returning clients must select RETURNING CUSTOMER in the "How did you hear about us?" section and write in the comment section and list out the name, phone number, & email we have on file to validate this offer.
  • 20. GENERAL - I'd love to tell my friends about this! Do you have a Referral Program?
    Yes, we do have a Referral Program! If you are one of our customers, you can refer your friends and family to us! When they list you as their referrer during booking they will automatically get a FREE Ring Diamond ® added to their order as a gift from you! And you will receive a $50 e-gift card from us as a thank you! Gift cards will be sent to the referrer once the new client confirms their date, pays a deposit and we hear from the referrer (new customer will get instructions on this!). When filling out the booking form, new clients must select FRIEND in the "How did you hear about us?" section and write their referrer's name, phone number, & email we have on file to validate this offer. New clients will receive one free Ring Diamond ® along with their preserved piece.
  • 21. PRESSED - What is the process like for pressed pieces?
    When we receive your flowers, we spend about 3-4 hours inspecting your blooms and pressing the ones that look the best. We press petal by petal, and use up to 7 different preservation methods on each bouquet depending on the flowers and greenery. The flowers will dry from the presses in about 6-8 weeks, depending on each bloom. After we carefully take them out of the presses, we inspect them again and keep the ones that pressed consistently. We then offer a 15-minute consultation where we can discuss your design options: design, background colors, framing options and any upgrades or add-ons. This is the perfect time to talk about your preferences, your home décor, etc. After the design consultation, we treat and color enhance every petal and leaf so they look as close as possible to the way they looked on your wedding day! This process can take up to 8 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Each piece is then sealed and framed in our hand-crafted frames in-house. Both of these processes combined can take up to three hours, depending on the size of each project! The average amount of hours to create each piece is about 30 hours from beginning to end.
  • 22. PRESSED - Am I able to add anything to my piece?
    Yes. You can add photos or any memorabilia.* We recommend the 11x14 piece size if you want to add a picture, obituary, or anything larger than a 5x7; this will allow us to have plenty of space available to showcase your pressed flowers. Let us know what you have in mind and we can figure something out together. You can also order smaller pieces of art for an additional cost. We offer 5x5 and 5x7 pieces that are perfect as Thank You gifts or displaying on a bedroom nightstand or in your office! *If you want to add charms, macrame, pearls, etc, they need to be no more than 1/8” - 1/4” thick. Please note that a double matted frame will be required and these elements. Once we go over your design selections, we will let you know what your options are.
  • 23. PRESSED - Can you press any flower?
    We will certainly try to press every flower and piece of greenery in your bouquet. However, not all flowers will make it through the pressing process and this is natural. For example, white flowers are likely to turn ivory or brown in the presses. Florals with naturally flat blooms press the best. Thicker flowers tend to retain a lot of moisture which can result in molding. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to press each type of flower beautifully. What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to prepare the flower for pressing and do our best to rebuild a flower that had a hard time in our presses. Succulents can be pressed for an additional fee of $20 and Cacti can be pressed for $55. Pro-tip: Ask your florist not to spray your flowers with preservatives if possible. Natural flowers work best! Here is a list of several other flowers that we recommend. Please visit our Smart Gallery so you can filter and see examples by flower, color, etc. Acidanthara Anemones Astrantia Astilbe Baby’s Breath Billy Balls Blushing Bride Borage California Poppies Caspia Carnation Cosmos Coreopsis Dahlia Daisies Delphinium Dusty Miller Eucalyptus Ferns Freesias French Marigolds Garden Flowers Greenery (most types) Heather Hellebores Hydrangea Hypericum Berries Ivy Larkspur Lavender Lilac Lily of the Valley Lotus Pod Mountain Mint Nicotiana Orchids Pansies Peonies Protea Queen Anne Lace Ranunculus Roses Rose of Sharon Scabiosa Sunflowers Spirea Spray Roses Sweet Peas Tulips Violet Verbenas Wax Flower Zinnias
  • 24. PRESSED - How long will my pressed artwork last?
    Every piece is sealed so that humidity and little bugs don't get inside the piece. As long as you treat your piece with care, it should be with you for years to come! Our matboards are 100% Alpha-Cellulose, Acid-Free and Lignin-Free Surface, Core and Backing. 4Ply matboard that is conservation quality acid and lignin free helps protect your art work. A few tips to enjoy your pressed flowers forever: - Place your piece away from direct sunlight and in dry places (avoid bathrooms where the piece may be exposed to a lot of humidity). - Although our Flower Beautification techniques and sealants help preserve the natural color of your flowers overtime, keep in mind that your piece once had real, living flowers. Expect your flowers to change colors and remember, this is natural.
  • 25. PRESSED - Is ArtGlass worth the investment?
    We are excited to introduce this upgrade--a UV, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant glass that helps the color clarity and image visilbity. It's having the look of museum glass without the cost! ~70% UV Block <1% Reflection 99% Visible Light Transmission You can refer to our Pricing and Offering section (very bottom) to see a quick comprarison video between regular glass and ArtGlass
  • 26. FLORAL BLOCK - Can I add a floral block to my main pressed piece?
    Yes! Keep in mind, we need to know before we get your flowers, as the preservation process for this type of art is completely different. If you are getting more than one piece done, we recommend sending an extra arrangements or flowers so we have enough material to fulfill your order.
  • 27. FLORAL BLOCK - What is the process like for a Floral Block?
    Our process for resin pieces are very similar to our framed pressed pieces as far as timing. Once we receive your flowers, they are preserved for up to 8 weeks. Once completely dry, we will reach out to you to go over your design selections, and that's when the fun begins! Our turnaround for every project we receive is within 6 months.
  • 28. FLORAL BLOCK - What flowers look best in floral blocks?
    Mostly anything! Roses, ranunculus, tulips, peonies, stock (we LOVE how stock preserves this way), hellebore, etc. *Succulents/cacti may not be added to the floral blocks, however, we can add artificial ones instead! We suggest keeping your succulents and planting them at home prior to sending us your arrangement. If you have questions about a specific flower, visit our Smart Gallery and filter by flower:
  • 29. FLORAL BLOCK - Do you offer layout options for the floral blocks?
    Yes! Just as our framed pieces, we want to be able to design these with you! You will get a form with questions regarding the layout options about 2 months after the service, when your flowers are completely dried. You can also opt for a consultation where we can discuss all the design options. Layout options: a. Centered b. Full c. Corner d. Diagonal e. Artist Interpretation: We will create the best layout depending on your florals! * You can add charms, lace, photos, and other elements to your piece
  • 30. FLORAL BLOCK - What can I expect from my resin piece?
    Not all flowers preserve the same--some will look different preserved than when they were fresh. While the overall look of your flowers will remain the same, you should expect color changes on most of your flowers. Most flowers tend to dry with a darker hue. For example, red roses turn burgundy, white flowers turn ivory, hot-pink flowers turn purple, hydrangeas usually don't retain their shape, and some flowers show translucent spots on the petals due to bruising when they were fresh. Please be advised that all resin pieces from Designs by Andrea are unique and vary from piece to piece. Florals are utilized in the resin art pieces after being preserved. Most of your flowers will go through our Flower Beautification Process prior to the natural florals being encapsulated in the resin. After flowers are casted in resin, these may fade to a degree. All our products are hand-made. Due to the nature of resin, some products produce more bubbles than others, and small pockets of air may be formed. We use state-of-the-art casting resins that have UV inhibitors in them that will delay the change in color, however, all epoxy will yellow. An amber-look should be expected over time. We recommend to not display them on direct sunlight or extreme temperatures to delay the process. Thickness of our floral blocks will vary depending on the flora (typically 1.5-3 inches thick). Our floral blocks are also meant to last for years to come. As always, we recommend following our shipping instructions carefully to assure that your flowers get to us in the best shape possible! This is cruicial to the way they will look in your finished product. *Damaged flowers that have bruises will slightly become translucent when encased in resin*
  • 31. FLORAL BLOCK - What if I want to add a floral block after you have pressed my flowers?
    Unfortunately, if you want the 3D look, we won't be able to do it with your flowers, as at this point, your flowers will be pressing (flowers for Floral Blocks are not pressed). We may, however, be able to make a resin piece for you with a pressed floral look. Keep in mind this would be flat as opposed to 3D and we would have to make sure we have enough flowers for your Floral Block add on(s) during your design consultation. *If you would like a recreation using similar flowers to your own bouquet, let us know and we may be able to make one for you!
  • 32. AIR-DRIED - I still have flowers from months/years ago. Is there anything you can do with it?
    Yes! We are able to do a recreation using a combination of your air-dried flowers and professionally dried ones. After you have uploaded photos of your flowers (when they were fresh, if you have any, & current status) we can jump on a consultation to talk about your vision and the best options for you. Anything we don't use from your dried bouquet will be sent back with your piece! Please refer to for more information as well as a video with examples!
  • 33. MUST-HAVES - Can you explain what these are and how to order?
    Our must-haves are the perfect little add-ons to your orders! Many of our customers choose to give them as Thank You gifts for family members and loved ones. Our Must-Haves Collection consists of: Ring Diamond ® Wine Stopper - Geo Wine Stopper - Sphere Lucky Charm (Keychain) * These are optional and only available with the purchase of a main piece. Must-haves are made with elements of your flowers and are not color-restored
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